A country with many preconseptions, France offers lots of opportunities to experience a different style of life.

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Iceland is often referred to as "the land of fire and ice" because glaciers and icecaps lie next to steaming hot springs, geysers and volcanoes. Reykjavik is the most northerly capital city and is the first port of call for most visitors. This is definitely the "capital of cool" with colourful buildings, clean streets and smartly dressed locals.

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Canary Islands

A dream holiday destination, the Canary Islands are just off the coast of Africa and are famed for year-round sunshine. Whether it's the golden sand dunes and quiet shores of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria or the gold and black beaches of Lanzarote and Tenerife, the Canary Islands are perfect for both chilling out and partying.

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From modern resorts to traditional villages, you can find a little bit of everything on holiday in Greece. You’ll uncover beautiful scenery, much-loved beaches and fascinating history, with islands like Corfu, Crete, Kos and Zante having a mix of chilled and lively resorts and Halkidiki and the island of Rhodes adding a spot of relaxed culture.

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Spend time relaxing in one of Europe's most culturally diverse countries; whether sunning on the beach is your cup of tea, or playing a round of golf is more your thing, after visiting spain, you won't be dissapointed.

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Visit England. England's beautifully un-spoilt Peak and Lake Districts are just the thing if you are looking for fresh air, great views and amazing scenery.

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Grab your chance and visit Italy. Passionate about great food and drink? Fancy a fantastic punt through the narrow canals of Venice, or just want a slice of culture that you will never forget? Italy is the place to come to.

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Create your dream holiday. Visit the Carribean. With its great beaches and fantastic culture, you'll feel at ease here in the caribbean.

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One of the most stunning islands in the Mediterranean, Corsica offers something for everyone.

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Sardinia. Beautiful. Stunning. Perfect. The Island offers everything for a fantastic beach holiday.

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South Africa

South Africa is the place to investigate in 2009! Bustling Cities and amazing wildlife make for an articulate section of one of the world's largest continents.

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Visit The Beautiful North East Of The USA, where there are miles and miles of fantastic countryside, snow topped hills and great oportunities for outdoor activities, whether you want to board down a mountain or just go for a stroll!

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Morocco has always been a crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  Along Morocco’s Atlantic Coast you will be accompanied by a sea breeze that massages the ramparts of wonderful cities whose atmosphere carry a whiff of African magic. Travel east along the Mediterranean coast and you’ll be bidden into enchanting towns and the mountains of the Rif.

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Despite the hype, Croatia’s pleasures are more timeless than trendy. Along its 1778km coastline, a glistening sea winds around rocky coves, lapping at pine-fringed beaches. Istrian ports bustle with fishermen while children dive into the sparkling water.

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The Azores, an outline of garden-like islands on the horizons of the Atlantic ocean. Peace and quiet, flowers in the fields, in the villages, in the houses. The blue and green of dreamy lagoons. A pace of life in which there is time to stop and appreciate living.

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Gibraltar, is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It has an area of 2.3 square miles and a northern border with the Province of Cádiz in Andalusia, Spain.

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