Health concerns

When you’ve been looking forward to your holiday for months the last thing you want is to fall ill or have an accident while you’re away. 


Fortunately there are a number of easy ways you can prevent medical problems or accidents arising, so you can concentrate on the important things - relaxing and enjoying yourself!


Before you go . . .


Check with your doctor as soon as possible which vaccinations are recommended for your destination.


Get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles you to free or discounted healthcare in European countries.  The easiest way to apply for an EHIC is online at

If you regularly take a prescription medicine, be sure to carry sufficient supplies for your entire trip in your hand luggage.  Keep medication in its original bottle or packaging to avoid problems at customs.


While you're away . . .

Check whether it is safe to drink local tap water.  If not, stick to bottled or boiled water and avoid salads, non peeling fruit and ice in drinks.


Be safe in the sun.  You might feel cool in the swimming pool or sea but you may be getting exposed to dangerous levels of UV - remember to apply sun lotion frequently.


Don’t forget your sunglasses and ensure they provide UV protection. They protect your eyes from more than just wrinkles!


Think before you dive – always check that the water is deep enough first, especially when diving from rocks into the sea


Know your limits and take care of yourself . . .


Drink responsibly. 


Don’t take unnecessary risks like moving from one balcony to another.


Be wary of accepting drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.

What to do if you are ill abroad


To get the assistance you need and to ensure that your claim is successful read our top tips on what to do if you are ill or injured abroad.


Minor illness or injury:

If you suffer a minor illness or injury costs should be paid by you and claimed upon your return to the UK.  Keep all original receipts and medical documentation as these will be required.


Staying in hospital:

In the event that medical costs exceed £300 or you are admitted to hospital you should contact the Medical Emergency Assistance Service on +44 20 3060 9699.


Missing your flight for medical reasons:

Contact the medical emergency assistance service if you miss your return flight due to medical reasons, if you cut short your trip due to medical reasons or if you have to return due to illness of a family member in the UK.


Emergency dental treatment:

If you require emergency dental treatment abroad ask the treating dentist to provide confirmation of the cause of the problem and details of the treatment provided to help support your claim.


Top Tip: Always declare pre-existing medical conditions


Ensure that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions so that you are fully covered. Otherwise you may have to pay for expensive medical treatment yourself.


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